Saturday, December 17, 2011

Biscuits, Galettas, Keks, Platzchen, Biscotti, Koekje, Bis Coctum.....COOKIES!!!!

Where did cookies come from? Duh...they came from the oven! HaHa...

No, really...who invented the cookie. Well, the Persians did, but they were actually more like little cakes. Due to the expansion of the world with the Muslim invasion of Spain, the Crusades, the spice trade, and the migration of explorers and people to the west, the "cookie" spread across the world over time. The "cookie" grew from the sweet little cakes in Persia to endless variations from country to country. There are now too many cookie varieties to put into one book!

Where does the tradition of making dozens of cookies around the Christmas holidays originate? Well, I have no idea! If you know, please fill me in. I'm sure one of you knowledgeable people knows the answer to this burning question.

I make dozens of cookies, breads, bars and other goodies for friends and family every year. Sometimes I make the tried and true cookies that I have made time and time again. But other times I make cookies that I have never made before. Each variety is taste-tested for quality control by a 10 year old. If it passes the test, the cookies are wrapped and bagged and delivered the week before Christmas.

I must admit that this year was the first year that I did not do as much baking as I normally do, plus I had some baking flops (yes, not fit for eating flops). So, I was not able to bake as much as I normally do and only baked for family gatherings. I will have to make it up to my people for the resulting guilt that I feel. This just means that when they least expect it I will show up on their doorstep with an armful of goodies. Baking is love!

In the next week, I will post some of the recipes that got the seal of approval.

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